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Welcome to the Family History For Youth home page.

You will find the following information on this site,

  • "Activities": contains information about some of the family history activities youth will participate in at a family history for youth conference
  • "Agendas": contains the proposed agenda for a one day youth conference
  • "Online Gathering Place™": A family/ancestor Web site of sorts where you and your relatives can easily upload photos, personal/family histories, and pedigree and family group records!
  • "Register": to schedule a Family History For Youth conference for your Ward or Stake
  • "Contact Us": for answers to your questions and for more information

An Online Gathering Place™ allow your family to work together to share family history information so you can all benefit from it. Easily upload photos, primary documents, and ancestor personal and family histories, along with pedigree and family group records! Contact us for pricing.

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